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Certification Testing

NC Elite partners with the following companies to offer an extensive range of certification testing. Click on the individual logos to learn more. The testing environments they provide are highly secure, although some specific security requirements may differ from test to test. Up to two forms of identification may be required in order to be admitted for testing. The primary id being a government issued picture identification, and secondary requiring name and signature. Both must be valid in order to be accepted. Many tests require biometrics, and capture candidates' fingerprints as a way to verify their identity. Candidate's pictures may also be taken depending on the exam. A "notice to schedule" or "authorization to test" issued by the testing authority may also be required. The testing rooms themselves have video cameras and microphones recording the activity in every cubicle. No hats, digital watches (analog watches for some tests), pagers, cell phones, or other equipment that could facilitate cheating are allowed in the testing room.